20170908 12 the TPE Technology Institute Open Seminar

12 the TPE Technology Institute Open Seminar

This Seminar includes the following three topics; the novel functional materials and innovations, which will be presented by Prof. Yao from Fukuoka University. Mr. Hashimoto from ZEON will give a lecture on asymmetric triblock styrene copolymer with highly-elastic characteristics, and the introduction of the petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia will be made by Mr. Suzuki. We look forward to having you join us!

Date: September 8,2017 13:00-19:00

Place: Royalblue hall, Tokyo Tech Front, Tokyo Institute of Technology Ookayama campus

Address: 2-12-1, Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo 


Participation fee: Member and press Reporter free charge, non-member ¥10,000/person

12:30- Acceptance start

13:00-13:10 Greeting from the Chairman of NPO Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer

13:10-14:10 Title: Development of Novel Elastic Materials: Asymmetric Triblock Styrene Copolymer

Abstract: Certain ratio of asymmetric styrene copolymer and symmetric copolymer creates unique morphology. Asymmetric styrene block copolymer composition accomplishes highly-elastic and highly-modulus material.

Lecturer: Mr. Sadaharu Hashimoto, ZEON Co.

Bio: Sadaharu Hashimoto joined ZEON CORPORATION in 1999. He began working as a chemist in the C5 Chemicals division. He has spent his working life in SIS block copolymer development. Currently he is responsible for product development of SIS block copolymers and hydrocarbon resins to support markets as the R&D manager. Hashimoto earned his Master of Engineering in chemistry at Nihon University in 1999.

He received SPSJ Award for "Enhancing Performance of Elastic Film with the Development of Asymmetric Styrene blocked SIS in 2016"

14:25-15:25 Title: Novel functional materials and innovations utilizing the crystalline mechanism of polymers    

                - PE and PTFE surface modification function of ordinary polymer and material recycle-

Abstract: By using the crystalline mechanism of polymers, we had succeeded in developing novel functional polymer materials that can modify the surface properties of PE and PTFE. Also, we had found that the basic concept of the polymer crystal can work for the material recycle very well. I will introduce the functions and examples of applications.

Lecturer: Prof. Shigeru Yao


1986/3-1983/4 Kyoto University   Graduate School, Division of Engineering   

Polymer Science   Doctor Course 

1983/3-1981/4 Kyoto University   Graduate School, Division of Engineering   

Polymer Science   Master Course

1981/3-1977/4 Kyoto University   Faculty of Engineering   Polymer Science   


1999/1 Doctor of Engineering from Kyoto University

Thesis : " Viscoelastic Properties of Concentrated Disperse 

Systems of Polymeric Microgels"


2011/4 Fukuoka University Department of Chemical Engineering


2011/3-2007/4 Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Senior Research Professional

2007/3-2006/11 Ube Industries, Ltd. R&D Administration & Planning Group

Group Leader of Frontier Field Research Group

Group Leader of Nano-Technology Promotion Group

2006/10-2000/3 Ube Industries, Ltd. Chiba Research Laboratory

Research Manager of Material Design Research Group

2000/2-1997/7 Ube Industries, Ltd. Chiba Research Laboratory

Senior Researcher of Polymer Research Group

1997/6-1986/4 Ube Industries, Ltd. Hirakata Research Laboratory

Researcher of Polymer Research Group


2011/4- Fukuoka University, Professor

2010/4-2010/10 Toho University, Part time Lecturer 

"Introduction of Computer Chemistry"

2009/4-2009/10 Toho University, Part time Lecturer

"Introduction of Computer Chemistry"

2009/1 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Part time Lecturer

"Functional Material Development with using 

Basic Knowledge of Polymer Physical Properties"



15:40-16:40 Title: The fact of Saudi Arabia - Its today and future - 

Abstract: Low price of crude oil continues, and Saudi Arabia which is a Japanese main crude oil source of supply is under an extremely severe condition. Here I would like to comment on the present conditions and the future of the country mainly on petrochemical industry what Saudi Arabia is going to do from now on.

Lecturer: Mr. Seiji Suzuki, formerly Sumitomo Chemicals

Bio: 1970    Graduate from The Tokyo University.  Faculty of Science (Chemistry) master deg.

                Sumitomo Chemicals

    2001   Excell Manufacturing (3D-Blow mold)

               Excell USA (Indiana)

    2006   TRI-CON USA (Nebraska) Manufacturing of Poly-Urethane Part for Motor cycles

    2012   Sumitomo Chemicals (Saudi Arabia)

                    Establishment of Plastic Technical Center in Saudi Arabia

Main work;

The third component of EPDM (ENB) synthesis 

High Pressure Polyethylene    Development of process for manufacturing

Liquid Crystal Polymer            Market development 1

Plastic Frame work for concrete      Development and marketing 

Management of manufacturing in USA       3D Blow mold, Polyurethane parts by Robots

Management of Technical Center in Saudi Arabia  

                                 Plastics manufacturing and Chemical Engineering


        Shakuhachi, Astronomy (Calculation of star-position, orbital of planets and asteroids )

       History of USA (Native Indians' history ) , Su-doku ( puzzle making )

17:00-19:00 Social Gathering (¥5,000/person

The participation

NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structuted Polymer member & reporter free of charge

General person 10,000 yen 

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NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structuted Polymer

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Shigeno Joji



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20170908 第12回TPE技術研究会公開講演会




【場所】:東京工業大学 蔵前会館 ロイヤルブルーホール

住所 〒152-8550 東京都目黒区大岡山2-12-1




12:30-    受付開始

13:00-13:10 挨拶:西敏夫 特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会代表理事

13:10-14:10 演題「非対称スチレン系ブロック構造を有する高強度・伸縮性材料の開発」

   日本ゼオン株式会社  橋本 貞治氏





非対称SIS(スチレン・イソプレン・スチレン ブロック共重合体)の開発に対し、公益社団法人高分子学会(中條善樹会長)から、平成28年度高分子学会賞(技術)を受賞。

14:10-14:25 休憩

14:25-15:25 演題「高分子の結晶化メカニズムを利用した新規機能素材・コンセプト


    福岡大学  八尾 滋氏




昭和524 京都大学工学部高分子化学科入学

昭和563 京都大学工学部高分子学科卒業(工学士)

昭和564 京都大学大学院工研究科修士課程高分子化学専攻入学

昭和583 京都大学大学院工研究科修士課程高分子化学専攻修了(工学修士)

昭和584 京都大学大学院工研究科博士後期課程高分子化学専攻入学

昭和613 京都大学大学院工研究科博士後期課程高分子化学専攻単位修得満期退

昭和631 工学博士(京都大学)取得


昭和61年 4 宇部興産株式会社入社

平成11年 2 高分子基礎研究部 部長

平成1310 先端材料研究部 部長兼ナノテクノロジー推進グループグループ長

平成1811 次世代テーマ探索グループ長兼ナノテクノロジー推進グループグループ長

平成19年 3 宇部興産を退職

平成19年 4 株式会社三菱総合研究所入社 シニアリサーチプロフェッショナル

平成23年 3 三菱総合研究所退職

平成23年 4月 福岡大学工学部化学システム工学科教授

平成12518 日本レオロジー学会有効賞受賞

15:25-15:40 休憩

15:40-16:40 演題「サウジアラビア見たまま -サウジアラビアの現状と未来-」

元住友化学  鈴木 誠二氏



1970 東京大学 理学部(修士)卒 住友化学入社

2001 エクセル製作所・エクセルUSA

2006    TRI-CON(USA)  

2012    住友化学 サウジアラビア勤務

2016 サウジより帰国、住友化学退社



尺八、天文学、アメリカ(ネイティブ・インディアンの歴史)、数独問題づくり 等

17:00-19:00 懇親会 (¥5,000/人)





特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会

ナノ構造ポリマー研究会会員委員 重野譲二


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