20141110 44th Nano structured polymer Institue

44th Nano structured polymer Institue

Date:November 10 ,2013  14:00-19:00
Place:Mikakuto UHA  3rd Fl.Tel:03-5408-7797           
14:05-14:10   Greeting 14:10-15:30
Title:Control of the birefringence of polymers for displays Prof. Akihiro Tagaya
Polymers exhibiting no orientational birefringence and no photoelastic birefringence have beensynthesized for the first time. Research and development of such polymers for optical components such as polarizer protective films of LCDs have been started using the design method. Furthermore,
breaking the common knowledge, we have proposed an extremely large birefringent polymer film and applied it to LCDs. The latest R&D of them will be described.
BIO:Present Position:
Project Professor, Keio University
Faculty of Science and Technology
Shinkawasaki Town Campus
15:30-15:40 Coffee break
Title:Functionalization and Applications of Hyperbranched Polymer
~ Focused on high refractive index coating materials ~
Dr. Masaaki Ozawa
Abstract:Hyperbranchd polymers have unique properties and many functions. We introduce high refractive index cured
coating materials with HBP and the optical applications.
BIO:1993 Kanazawa University M.S.
Ph.D (Engineering) 2008 Kanazawa University
1997 Nissan chemical Industries, LTD.
Materials Research Dept. Chemical Research Lab.
Special field : Functional polymer , Polymer particles, Hybrid material, Polymer additive
Party (¥5,000-/a person)


Participation fee 
Membership of Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer:no charge

Other people ¥10,000-

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