20141002e 9th TPE technology open Seminar

9th TPE technology open Seminar

We took up the topic that we were TPE technology of the following lecturers-related in this open seminar.

Dr. Usuki Arimitsu coming in the first person of the nanocomposite study.

Dr.Ogisawa where it is suggested new rubber elasticity expression mechanism.

Mr.Takashi Honda in development to TPE of the latest simulation technology.

We ask to have we are stirred up and participate.


Time:October 2, 2014 (Thursday) 13:00-19:00

Place:Tohoku University Tokyo branch東北大学東京分室会議室Meeting room A&B (Sapia Tower 1-7-12, Marunouchi Chiyodaku, Tokyo)
12:30- Reception Start

13:00-13:10 Greeting


Title: Large scale simulation of elastomers with phase separated structures.


Abstract: We simulated the physical properties of a thermoplastic elastomer SIS by using the self-consistent Filed theory of polymer  and the coarse-grained molecular dynamics with bead-spring model.

BIO:I have been researched the self-consistent field theory of polymer, which can

simulate phase separated structures of soft matters.


TitleMechanism of Rubber Elasticity in PP/EPDM Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

Tokyo Institute of Technology    Ph.D Toshiaki Ohgizawa 

Abstract:Thermoplastic  elastomer  based  on  polymer  blend  of  thermoplastic  and  rubber  shows  rubbery behavior such as low elastic modulus and high elastic recovery after strain release, even though the matrix component is plastic. To  clarify  the  mechanism  of rubbery 

behavior of the TPV, we observed local morphology change of this TPV during drawing by the AFM images.  

Bio:Professor, Department of Chemistry and Materials Science, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology 

    Area of specialty: Polymer alloys, blends, and Composites; Structure of macromolecules (amorphous, crystal, and thin film)

15:10-15:40 coffee break


Title: Development Trend of polymer nanocomposites and bioplastics

Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.   Mr.Arimitsu Usuki 

  1. Abstract:In our laboratory, the polymer nanocomposites and bioplastics have studied over the years. I talk about the history of our technologies.
  2. BIO:Nagoya University, Graduate School of Engineering, Degree of Master, (1978-80)
    Nagoya University, PhD Degree (1997)
  3. Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.  Senior Fellow
    The vice president of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (2014.6-)
    The award of the Society of Silicon Chemistry, Japan(2007).
  4. The award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan(2008).

17:10-19:10 Dinner (¥5,000-)

Participation limited date (September 25)   Attender need previous request.
Member of NPO Research association of Nano Structured polymer, Press related person: free charge.

Others 10,000円


Participation limited date (September 25)   Attender need previous request.

Participation fee 

Membership of Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer,Press related person: no charge

Other people ¥10,000-

A social gathering ¥5,000-/person

Please contact with personal information as follows:

Contact:   nano14@ransp.org


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