Exchange meeting(English version)

Date:July 18~19 one night two days

Place:Rest House of Bridgestone Okutamaenn(JR Ohme ishikami mae Station),BRIDGESTONE TODAY(Seibu Kokubunnji line  Ogawa station)

Participation fee:        member:¥1.5K,   nonmember:¥2.0K  (including hotel fee)

Limit:July 1, 2013    in 30

July18  Rest House of Bridgestone Okutamaen

13:00:  reception of Okutamaenn

13:30:  Greeting by President of Research Association of Nan Structured Polymer.

13:35-15:50: Lecture "Basic study"

'Studying rubber materials from its basics ~ focusing on tire materials~'

                             Yasushi Hirata


Irrespective of 'safety' and 'comfort' issues, making the products friendly to the 'environment' is very important for developing tires. In this direction, progress made towards important material technologies viz., 'fuel-efficient tires' for supporting both the improvement of fuel consumption and road wet-grip performance, 'run-flat tires' for contributing in resource saving and safe driving even after their puncture, 'studless tires' for improving brake performance on frosted road surface in winter, are to be introduced along with the coverage on various efforts made towards achieving 'material sustainability' by diversifying and improving the use of renewable sources e.g., Guayule, Russian Dandelion, synthetic rubber derived from biomass, etc. 


1973/9       Received Master of Science (Macromolecular Science) degree from Osaka University

1979/4       Joined Bridgestone Corporation

1993/1     Promoted as Manager, Raw Materials Development Unit

2000/12   Promoted as General Manager, Tire Materials Development Department

2004/4      Promoted as Director, Tire Materials Development Division

2007/7   Promoted as Director, Central Research Division

2008/5  Promoted as Director with additional in-charge, Central Research and eco-Activities Promotion Division

2011~ Promoted as Fellow (Director) with additional in-charge, Central Research and eco-Activities Promotion Division


2008/10~Visiting Professor, Waseda University, Environmental Research Institute

2009/3~Vice President, W-BRIDGE Project, Waseda University, Environmental Research Institute

2009/3~Chairman, Environment Committe, Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association

2009/3~ Chairman, Environment Committe, Japan Automobile Tyre Manufacturers Association

2 Title:  "Basics of composite materials"  Hiroshi Yui


  1. 1. Basic techniques of composite materials would be lectured, while comparing human developed composite materials with natural composite materials.

2.Examples of high-performance, high-functional materials developed by controlling morphologies of polymer based composite materials would be lectured.

3.  Future prospects of composite materials would be surveyed.


1967: Completed master's course specialized in Tokyo University.

(Faculty of Chemistry,Department of Science).

1967―1996:  Engaged in the development studies of a variety of original

 thermoplastics composites with inorganic fillers in Mitsubishi Chemical Co.Ltd.

 1998―2008:   Invited Proffesor of Advanced Research Institute for Science and

 Engineering, Waseda University .

Engaged in the cooperative project with a lot of companies.

2008―2011:   Invited Researcher of Advanced Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Waseda University.

2006:Established the Society of Super Composites (non-profit organization of  Japan)

Now;Chief director of the Society of Super Composites (non-profit organization of  Japan)  

Receiving prize; Awarded chemical technology prize by Chemical Society of Japan, for results of the development of high performance polypropylene composites with high content inorganic fillers, in 1980.

Book;     "Basics of composite materials"(Kogyochosakai Co.Ltd, 1997)

"Polymer based composite materials―basics,practices,future― "

             (Plastics Age Co.Ltd,2005)

16:00-17:00 Others

17:00-18:00 Bath

18:00-19:00 Dinner    Introduction by selves

19:00-23:00 Free Discussion

July 19      Inspection @BRIDGESTONE TODAY

8:00 Breakfast  、Photo

10:30~ Inspection

12:00~ free


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