2012/8/24 7th MOT Open Seminar

7th MOT open Seminar

Place:Daiei co.,Ltd.      Tel:0466-31-0900


〒251-0041         Kandai 2-2-28,Tsujido, Fujisawashi, Kanagawa 

Participation Point:An entrance fee: member(free),non member(¥10,000-)
Please apply by email.   A social fee: ¥5,000-

Automotive material, processing industry to be energetic to the future

13:00   Greeting      Chairman: Mr.Saburo Akiyama of RANSP
Subject①: 『Future vision for Automotive Plastics』 
             Toyota Motor Corporation  Mr.Takayuki Nagai   Abstract:Introduction of current issue and future expectation to approach environmental change around automotive industry.
BIO:Toyota Motor Corporation
 Organic Material Engineering Division
 Organic Material Department
 General Manager 

Subject②: 『CFRTP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) for Automotive application 』 
                Daicel Polymer Ltd.  Mr.Moriyuki Yokoyama
Abstract:PLASTRON can be injection molded, offering the very short prosses time compared to the classical CFRP based on the Thermoset, and already be applied e.g. Automotive Front-end Module and industrial applications. 
BIO:Market Development General Manager, Daicel Polymer Ltd. 


      Coffee Break
Subject③:Development of Flexible Organic Photovoltaic and Evolution in the Future
                   Mr.Hiroaki Yamaoka (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
Abstract:Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is developing a new concept coating type organic photovoltaic.The lecture will be presented for OPV characteristics and milestones for future performance advancements and applications for
market as new generation photo  voltaic.
BIO:  March,1980  Graduated from Department of Chemistry,  Faculty of Science, Tohoku University 

Bachelor of Science

April, 1982  Graduated from Institute of Chemistry,Division of Science, Tohoku University 

Master of Science

April,1982  Joined Mitsubishi Kasei Industries

1982~2000 Development and Commercialization of ABS, Nylon-LIM,

           Functional Polymers(Antistatic , hydrophilic, hydrophobic),

           Silicate coatings and Biodegradable Polymers

(August,1987~September 1988 University of Massachusetts; Visiting Scientist)

                        Miscibility of Polymer Blends)

April,2005  General Manager, Planning Department,

           Performance Products Segment,

           Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

April 2006  General Manager, Technology Coordination Department,

           General Manager, Performance Products Research Center 

           Performance Chemicals Development and Coordination Division

April 2007  General Manager, Technology Coordination Department,

           Performance Chemicals Development and Coordination Division

April 2008  General Manager, Project PV Department, General Manager, 

Technology Coordination Department, 

Performance Chemicals Development and Coordination Division

April 2009  General Manager, OPV Business Development

      The Greeting 
           Daiei Co.Ltd.,、Mr.Keiichi Nosaka

Participation fee:

A member of RANSP (Free of charge)

Member of association of Corp. East Japan plastics( free of charge)

Member of Corp. Kanagawa plastics industry society (free of charge)

Other 10,000 yen

Banket fee participant 5,000 yen



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