20200206 The 13th NANO/SPE joint seminar

The 13th NANO/SPE joint seminar

We hold the 13th NANO/SPE joint lecture meeting by Nanostructured Polymer Research Association and SPE Japan Section with the following contents. The joint lecture consists of materials development fields to control the structure at the nano level and to improve the characteristics and grasp the latest trends in both fields in the field of aiming at new functions and productivity improvement by polymer molding processing. The aim is to promote mutual collaboration and technological integration. We focused on bioplastic from the chemical industry and polymer that contributed to the future vision that was very popular at last year's joint lecture. In this issue, we planned topics related to recent technological development trends and ISO status in industry and academia. Researchers related to the material design field and polymer fabrication process field will participate and I hope that it will be a good opportunity to deepen further mutual exchange and exchange with researchers in the future.

・Date : February 6, 2020 (Thursday) 12: 50 ~ 19: 00
・Place : Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. Headquarters 20 th Floor Conference Room 3
5 Shinagawa-ku Higashi Shinagawa 2 - chome 5 Tokyo No. 8 Tennozu Park Side Building
・Content :
12:50~13:00 Greeting Phd. Toshio Nishi
        (President of Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer)
13:00~14:00 「Future Perspective of Introduction of Bioplastics in Japan」
        Japan Bio Plastics Association(JBPA) Phd. Masatoshi Yoshida
Since the target was set to introduce 1.97 million tons of bioplastics by 2030, various strategies and plans have been formulated one after another, such as "Roadmap for Popularizing Development and Introduction of Marine Biodegradable Plastics" (May 2019), "Plastic Resources Recycling Strategy" (May 2019), "Action Plan against Marine Plastic Waste" (May 2019), and "Bio Strategy 2019" (June 2019). At the moment, full-fledged efforts are currently being made, such as a scheduled formulation of "Roadmap for Introducing Bioplastics." On this occasion, the present situation of the development of practical methods are introduced, and the prospect and challenges toward the future popularization of marine biodegradable plastics are outlined.

14:00~15:00「Development of marine biodegradable plastics :
current status and future perspective」
       GUNMA UNIVERSITY Prof. Kenich Kasuya
Biodegradable plastics attract attention as a solution for environmental issues caused by plastic wastes. Meanwhile, biodegradable plastics have some drawbacks that should be improved. I will talk about current status and future perspective on biodegradable plastics.

15:10~16:10  「Non-phosgene polycarbonate production process using by-product CO2 as starting
Asahi Kasei Corporation Phd. Masahiro Tojo
Asahi Kasei Corp. (Japan) successfully developed a new green process for polycarbonate (PC) from CO2 for the first time in the world and commercialized it at Taiwan in 2002 (50 kt/y). The conventional PC process uses phosgene and a very large amount of CH2Cl2 and water as solvents. Phosgene is notoriously toxic and corrosive, while CH2Cl2 is a mutagenic agent. It also needs costly waste water treatment. Asahi Kasei's process is not only green, but also produces PC of higher quality at lower costs than other processes. PC Production capacity of licensees reached 790 kt/y in 2018 (3rd share in the world).
16:10~17:10  「Biodegradable Plastics to Solve the Ocean Contamination by Plastics
- The age for practical use of poly(lactic acid) (PLA) will be coming soon -」
The Society of Polymer Science, Japan Fellow Phd. Masatsugu Mochizuki
Recent years, biodegradable plastics have been focused upon attention to solve the ocean contamination by plastics. Especially, poly (lactic acid) (PLA) has been highlighted as a bio-based biodegradable plastic with a low carbon footprint for the next generation. PLA is biodegradable when exposed in natural environments such as in soil or in sea water, and is compostable under very specific conditions of high temperature and high humidity, typified by the conditions for composting. In this lecture, the primary properties, biodegradation mechanism, technical developments for high performance, applications and business updates of PLA will be reviewed.

17:10~17:20 Greeting Phd. Hiroshi Itho (President of SPE Japan section)
17:30~19:00 Social party (\5,000/person participation fee)

・Participation Fee :
Member of Research Associations Nano Structured Polymer : no charge
Member of SPE Japan Section : no charge
Not a member : \10,000/person (Individual members' Substitute attendance is not allowed)
・Application method : name, company,Department,Tel, Mail, Social party participation,
 invoice if need,.

Please contact by the following mail :
【Member of Research Associations Nano Structured Polymer】
Masahide Tashiro nano11@ransp.org
【Member of SPE Japan Section】
 Manabu Ogiwara of Nihonzeon Co.,Ltd. M.ogiwara@zeon.co.jp TEL:044-276-3729
【Not a member】
 Please contact one of the above contacts.

20200206 第13回 NANO/SPE 合同講演会

第13回 NANO/SPE 合同講演会
・日時:令和2年2月6日(木) 12:50~19:00
・場所:住友ベークライト株式会社 本社20階第3会議室 (TEL:03-5462-4111)
    〒140-0002 東京都品川区東品川二丁目5番8号 天王洲パークサイドビル
12:50~13:00 開会挨拶 西敏夫 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会代表理事
13:00~14:00 「バイオプラスチックの実用化に向けた取り組みの現状と展望」
        日本バイオプラ協会(JBPA)吉田 正俊 氏
概要:2030年度までに197万tのバイオマスプラスチックを導入する目標が掲げられて以降、「海洋生分解性プラスチック開発・導入普及 ロードマップ」(2019年5月)、「プラスチック資源循環戦略」(同5月)、「海洋プラスチックごみ対策アクションプラン」(同5月)、「バイオ戦略2019」(同6月)等の戦略・計画が続々と策定された。今後は「バイオプラスチック導入ロードマップ」の策定が予定される等、本格的な取組が進みつつある。実用化に向けた取組の現状を紹介し、今後の普及に向けた展望と課題を概説する。
14:00~15:00 「海洋生分解性プラスチック開発の現状と将来像」
        群馬大学 粕谷 健一 氏
15:00~15:10  ~ 休憩 ~
15:10~16:10  「CO2を原料とする非ホスゲン法ポリカーボネート」
旭化成株式会社 東條 正弘 氏
16:10~17:10  「海洋プラスチック汚染問題と生分解性プラスチック
高分子学会フェロー 望月 政嗣 氏
17:10~17:20 閉会挨拶 伊藤浩志  SPE日本支部支部長
17:30~19:00 懇親会 (参加費:5,000円/人)
   田代 昌秀           
   辻脇 伸幸
積水化成品工業株式会社 環境・品質統括センター

20191211 第54回ナノ構造ポリマー研究会

20191024 第14回TPE技術研究会公開講演会


今回の公開講演会では長年ゴム・TPE の分野を牽引されてきた福森先生によるTPE の変形・破壊に関する研究を始めとし、クラレ森下様によるバイオ由来モノマーを活用した液状ゴム・エラストマーの応用事例、日本ゼオン高柳様による非対称構造を持つ熱可塑性エラストマーの優れた物性発現メカニズム( 構造解析) など、最新のTPE 技術関連の話題を取り上げました。奮ってご参加頂けますようお願い申し上げます。


【場所】:東京工業大学 蔵前会館 ロイヤルブルーホール

住所 〒152-8550 東京都目黒区大岡山2-12-1




12:45-    受付開始

13:00-13:10  挨拶:西 敏夫  特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会代表理事

13:10-14:30 演題「TPEの変形・破壊~ナノフィラー複合化、廃ゴムからの創製」

                       愛知工業大学  福森 健三氏

要旨:(a) スチレン系TPE (トリブロック共重合体)の静的疲労破壊挙動-カーボンブラック充填系架橋ゴムとの比較-、(b) オレフィン系動的熱可塑性架橋エラストマー(TPV )の引張物性に対するナノフィラーの分散効果、(c) 廃ゴムからのTPV 創製(反応混練技術)など、TPE に関連する、これまでの演者らの研究について紹介する。

14:30-14:40 休憩

14:40-15:40  演題「バイオ由来モノマー"β- ファルネセン"を活用した液状ゴムおよ


             クラレ  森下 義弘

要旨:サトウキビから製造されるバイオ由来モノマー"β- ファルネセン"を活用した、環境配慮型の液状ファルネセンゴム(LFR) および水素添加スチレン系熱可塑性エラストマー「セプトンⓇ」BIO-series を紹介する。ポリファルネセンの高分岐構造に由来する粘度特性を活かし、LFR はグリップ性能を向上させるタイヤ用添加剤として由来する粘度特性を活かし、LFR はグリップ性能を向上させるタイヤ用添加剤として採用されており、また、「セプトンⓇ」BIO-series は靴底やグリップ用途に使用が見込まれている。

15:40-15:50 休憩

15:50-16:50  演題「非対称構造を持つ熱可塑性エラストマー混合物の伸長過程構造解析」

                      日本ゼオン  高柳 篤史

要旨:熱可塑性エラストマーSIS を対称構造のSIS と非対称構造のSIS'の混合物としたところ、これまでの粘・接着剤用途に加えて、エラスティックフィルム用途にも利用できる応力と復元性に優れた材料となった。時分割SAXS 、TEM 、SCF (自己無撞着場)シミュレーションによる伸長過程の構造解析から、大小スチレンドメインのランダムな分布が特徴的な物性発現に寄与することが明らかとなった。また、このドメインの分布はプロセッシング条件によっても変化するため、この条件の制御も重要であることがわかった。

17:00-19:00 懇親会 (¥5,000/人)


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特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会

ナノ構造ポリマー研究会会員委員 重野譲二


詳細 http://ransp.org/index.html


20191024 14th TPE technology institute open seminar

14th TPE technology institute open seminar

At this public seminar meeting we covered the latest topics related to TPE technology as follows:Professor Kenzo Fukumori, a leading researcher in TPE field.Mr. Yoshihiro Morishita from Kuraray, handling liquid rubber and elastomer using bio-based monomer.Mr. Atsushi Takayanagi from ZEON for the superior properties of asymmetric SIS block copolymer r. We happily appreciate your participation in this meeting.

Date: October 24,2019 (Thursday)  13:00-19:00

Place: Kuramae Royal Blue Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Address   152-8550    2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo


Fee: member and press free, none member: ¥10,000-


12:45-      reception

13:00-13:10 greeting     Dr.Toshio Nishi   President of RANSP

13:10-14:30 "Some selected topics on TPEs: (a)Deformation and failure behaviors, (b)Nanofiller dispersed composites, and (c)Preparation based on rubber waste"

Aichi Institute of Technology    Prof. Kenzo Fukumori

Abstract: Some selected topics of our studies on TPEs will be presented, regarding (a)Static fatigue behaviors of SBS in comparison with those of carbon black-filled rubber vulcanizates, (b) Effects of dispersed nanofiller on tensile properties of olefinic thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), and (c) Preparation of TPVs based on vulcanized rubber waste by reactive processing.


1979..3 M.S. in Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto Univ. Graduate School of Eng.                                                                    

1979.4- 2018.3 Toyota Central Res. & Dev. Labs., Inc.

1992.6  Doctor of Eng. in Appl. Phys., Univ. of Tokyo                                                                        

2018.4- Professor, Dep. of Appl. Chem., Fac. of Eng., Aichi Inst. Tech.

He received SPSJ Award (Technology) in 2004 and Fellow Award of SPSJ in 2015.

14:30-14:40 Break

14:40-15:40  "Introduction of liquid rubber and elastomer using bio-based monomer "β-farnesene"

  Kuraray, Co., Ltd.     Mr. Yoshihiro Morishita

Abstract: The environment friendly products, liquid farnesene rubber (LFR) and hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer SEPTONTM BIO-series, using a bio-based monomer "β-farnesene" derived from sugarcane are introduced. With advantage of the viscosity characteristics due to the highly branched structure of poly(β-farnesene), LFR is adopted as a tire additive to improve grip performance, and SEPTONTM BIO-series can be used for shoe soles or grip applications.


Mar. 1998: Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University                                                                              

Apr. 1998Present: Kuraray, Co., Ltd.                                                                               

   Industrialization and application development of acrylic block copolymer.                                                                                

   Research and development of styrenic thermoplastic elastomer.

15:40-15:50 Break


15:50-16:50  " Structure analyses of the mixture of thermoplastic elastomers having different symmetry in stretching process "

  ZEON, Co.     Mr. Atsushi Takayanagi

Abstract: We developed a thermoplastic elastomer by blending symmetric and asymmetric SIS block copolymer. This polymer blend is promising as an elastic film because it has superior physical properties, such as high modulus and recoverability, compared to symmetrical SIS homopolymers which have been used as adhesives. In order to elucidate the reasons for such excellent physical properties, its structure was investigated by time-resolved small angle X-ray scattering, transmission electron microscope observation, and SCF simulation in stretching process. In the film made by pressing close to industrial processing, the characteristic structural change of the styrene domain was observed with time-resolved small angle X-ray scattering. Furthermore, it was also found that the processing conditions have a strong influence on the phase separation structure.


2006 Master of Chemistry, Tohoku University                                   

2006 - ZEON Corporation.

17:00-19:00 Social Gathering (¥5,000/person

The participation

NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structuted Polymer member & reporter free of charge

General person 10,000 yen 

An application method

Please input your information from the following URL.

URL: http://ransp.org/ransplavel/level2/attend.html

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NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structuted Polymer

The nano structured polymer Institute member committee

Shigeno Joji

email: joji@fc4.so-net.ne.jp


The 18th Nanostructured Polymer Exchange Meeting

The Nanostructured Polymer Research Group holds a two-day training camp every year. In this fiscal year, we will hold tour and lecture at the Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center as an exchange meeting of the Nanostructure Polymer Research Group. The Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center was established as part of the 80th anniversary project, and centered on environmental management(three functions : 1 [create] new environmental business, 2 [continue] reuse / recycle center, 3 [attractive] environmental communication). In this time, we will give an overview of the center and visit the open laboratory in the Ricoh Environment Business Development Center. We hope that this tour will help your research and development. Also, there is a keynote lecture on 3D printers from Mr. Taizoh Sakaki of Ricoh, and I expect it to be extremely useful for members engaged in plastic materials and molding processing. With the participation of many people, we expect the further activation of the Nanostructured Polymer Research Group.

Date : October 3-4, 2018(Thu-Fri) one night two days

Tour& Conference (10/3) : Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center
〒412-0038 Komakado1-10, Gotenba, Shizuoka
②Hotel & Keynote Lacture (10/4): Gotenba Kougen Tokinosumika
〒412-0033 Kamiyama 719, Gotenba, Shizuoka
Phone number 0550-87-3700

Entry Fee
Nano member:\20,000/ None member \30,000/
including Hotel fee, (Dinner & breakfast)
limited to 20 members (timeout by September20, 2019)

13:10 Receptionist : Confirm the affiliation and names of the participants at the guard
post and gather in the 1F lobby
13:30 Opening Remarks : Dr. Toshio Nishi
(NPO Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer, President)
13:40 Introduction : Outline of Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center
15:00 Lab. Tour (Open Labs, Analyzers, Exhibition Spaces)
17:30 After the tour, go to the hotel (Gotenba Kougen Tokinosumika) by shuttle bus
19:00 Dinner (Gotemba Kogen beer buffet restaurant) Self-introduction / free discussion

8:00 After breakfast, check out and memorial photo
10:00 Tokinosumika (HOTELBRUSHUP Second meeting roomA)
Keynote Lecture:Utilizing 3Dprinters for manufacturing and its future possibilities
     Mr. Taizoh Sakaki (Ricoh Co., Ltd.)
Abstract:I will explain the principles and features of 3D printers and introduce practical examples of manufacturing in Ricoh.Finally, I will mention the possibilities of how to change manufacturing.
11:20 Closing remarks : Dr. Yoshihisa Kano (Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)
11:30 Local dissolution
Information : shuttle bus to JR Mishima Station
(You can check the departure time at the following site)

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NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structuted Polymer
The nano structured polymer Institute member committee
Shigeno Joji
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20191003-04 第18回ナノ構造ポリマー交流会

【開催日】:10月3日(木)~10月4日(金) 1泊2日
【参加費】:会員(2.0万円)、非会員(3.0万円) *宿泊費含む(1泊2食、懇親会費を含む)
【場所】: ①見学&講演会:リコー環境事業開発センター  〒412-0038 静岡県御殿場市駒門1-10
JR御殿場駅(富士山口)からタクシー約15分 (アクセス、詳細地図:上記URLで確認)
②宿泊:御殿場高原 時之栖  〒412-0033  静岡県御殿場市神山719番地
TEL.0550-87-3700 FAX.0550-87-0301
懇親会場:御殿場高原ビール バイキングレストラン麦畑(時之栖内施設)
13:10 受付:守衛所で参加者自身の所属・名前を確認し、1Fロビーに集合
13:30 開会の挨拶 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会 西 敏夫代表理事
13:40 リコー環境事業開発センターの概要紹介
15:00 見学会(オープンラボ・分析装置・展示スペース)、感想・質疑・記念写真など
17:30 見学会終了後、宿泊先(御殿場高原 時之栖)に送迎バスで移動、チェックイン、休憩
19:00 懇親会(御殿場高原ビール バイキングレストラン麦畑)  自己紹介・フリーディスカッション
8:00  朝食・記念写真・チェックアウト
10:00 時之栖 施設内の会議室集合
10:00 基調講演:3Dプリンターのものつくりへの活用と今後の可能性
    リコー 坂木 泰三氏
11:20 閉会の挨拶 ナノ構造ポリマー研究会 加納 義久会長 (古河電工(株))
11:30 送迎バスでJR御殿場駅に移動、現地解散
特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会  詳細 http://ransp.org/index.html
ナノ構造ポリマー研究会会員委員 重野譲二    メール:joji@fc4.so-net.ne.jp
指定郵便局口座:00160-5-122437 口座名義:NPOナノ構造ポリマー研究協会 
叉は  りそな銀行 柏支店 普通口座 1108685   口座名義:特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会

20190909 7th Micro-Nano molding Conference

7th Micro-Nano molding Conference

  Surface function control using a fine structure can be used for slipperiness control, wettability control, optical control, etc., and development to various products is expected. In this lecture, we focused on the expression of surface functions by microstructural control and took up the latest topics. We sincerely hope that you can participate.

Date: Monday, September 09, 2019  13:00-17:00

Location: Campus Innovation Center 609        International Conference Room (1st floor)

3-3-6 Shibaura Minato-ku Tokyo   108-0023   TEL/FAX :03-5440-9071


13: 00-13: 10 Mr.NISHI     Chairman (NPO-Nanostructured Polymer Research Association)       Greetings

13: 10-14: 10  "Expansion of surface function by variable asperity structure"

               Mr.Takuya Ohzono    Mr.Kei Teraoka        National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST

14: 10-15: 10 " Functional expression by micro structure control using wet process-super water repellent, high oil repellent, slip coating and practical use"

                Mr.Seimei Shiratori         Keio University

15: 10-15: 20 break

15: 20-16: 20 Microfabrication and application by nano dot array technology

               Mr.kei Tsukahara     Oji Holdings Corporation

17: 00-19: 00 Party


Members, reporters free of charge                Nonmember: 10000 yen

Participation in the social gatherings is also available at the venue etc. Please apply in advance (by 11/28).

Please refrain from the cancellation on the day. Participation fee 5,000 yen of micro and nano molding members is collected on the day.

An application method:

Please e-mail below.

NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structured Polymer

The nano structured polymer Institute member committee

Shigeno Joji



Please refer to below URL for the details.




日時:2019年09月09日(月) 13:00-17:00
場所: キャンパス・イノベーションセンター609    国際会議室(1階)
108-0023 東京都港区芝浦3-3-6     TEL/FAX :03-5440-9071

13:00-13:10 西会長(特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会)挨拶

13:10-14:10 演題 可変な凹凸構造による表面機能の拡張

          産業技術総合研究所 大園 拓哉 氏、寺岡 啓 氏

14:10-15:10 演題 ウェットプロセスを用いた微細構造制御による機能発現 ―超撥水、高撥油、滑落コーティングと実用化

          慶應義塾大学 白鳥 世明 氏

15:10-15:20 休憩

15:20-16:20 演題 ナノドットアレイ技術による微細加工とアプリケーション

           王子ホールディングス株式会社 篠塚 啓 氏

17:00-19:00 懇親会



会員、取材記者 無料      一般の方:10000





URL: http://ransp.org/ransplavel/level2/attend.html



特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会

ナノ構造ポリマー研究会会員委員     重野 譲二           


詳細は右のURLを参照下さい。 http://ransp.org/index.html



指定郵便局口座:00160-5-122437 口座名義:NPOナノ構造ポリマー研究協会 

叉は  りそな銀行 柏支店 普通口座 1108685   口座名義:特定非営利活動法人 ナノ構造ポリマー研究協会




20190513 The 53rd Nanostructured Polymer Institute

The 53rd Nanostructured Polymer Institute

 In recent years, the weight and size of electric and electronic devices including automobiles have been reduced, and "heat" measures have been demanded from the viewpoint of long-term reliability.  At this lecture, we focused on heat, heat and other heat, and planned topics on recent research and development trends in polymer materials. Mr. Oyama of Yokohama National University will introduce the research results of toughening of thermosetting resin by in situ polymerization method.  In addition, Mr. Takezawa of Hitachi Chemical will explain methods (high-order structure control, covalent bond density) to increase the thermal conductivity of insulating polymers and their examples.

Thank you so much for your participation.

[Date] May 13th, 2019 (Mon) 13: 00-19: 00

[Place] Taste sugar UHA building TKP conference center 4B     Tel: 03-5408-7797


   Hamamatsucho 1-chome 26-1 Minato-ku Tokyo   〒 105-0013


13: 00-14: 00 General Assembly (Nanostructured Polymer Research Association)

14: 05-14:10        Greetings: Yoshihisa Kano(Deputy Director, Nanostructured Polymer Research Association)

14: 10-15: 20 Title: Toughening of thermosetting resin based on in situ formation of modifier polymer

Lecturer: Toshiyuki Oyama, Yokohama National University

15: 20-15: 30 Break

15: 30-16: 40 Title: Heat conduction and high heat conduction technology of polymer materials

Lecturer: Yutaka Takezawa              Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. 

17: 00-19: 00 Party

The participation

NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structured Polymer member & reporter     free of charge

General person 10,000 yen   party fee ¥5,000-/person

An application method:

Please e-mail below.

NPO Reserach Association of Nano Structured Polymer

The nano structured polymer Institute member committee

Shigeno Joji



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