20210209 14th NANO / SPE Joint Conference


14th NANO / SPE Joint Conference

The 14th NANO / SPE Joint conference by Research Association of Nano structured Polymer and  SPE Japan Section will be held with the following contents. ThisJoint conference will grasp the latest trends in both fields, in the field of material development, which controls the structure at the nano level to improve properties, and in the field of adding new functions and improving productivity by polymer molding. At this joint conference, we planned topics on recent development trends in various polymer molding technologies in industry and academia. We hope that researchers involved in the fields of material design and polymer processing processes will participate, and that this will be a good opportunity for further development and deepening mutual exchanges between researchers.

Date:February 09 2021  13:00~17:30

Methord: Online by Zoom

For those who wish to participate online, we will inform you of the input method separately before the date of the event.

In addition, depending on the stable communication status, the delivery of the lecture may be interrupted or the image and sound may be disturbed.


13:00~13:10 Opening remarks

             Dr.Toshio Nishi, Representative Director, Research Association of Nano structured Polymer.


Title:Development of polymer nanocomposites for automobiles

                                                Presenter: Dr.Arimitsu Usuki  Kyoto University

Abustract:Various functions, such as high strength and high heat resistance, are required for automotive polymers. Therefore, glass fibers, talc, and other compounds are used in polymers. I would like to introduce examples of adding clay and cellulose nanofibers (CNF) to polymers to improve their performance, and an example in which the higher-order structure of the polymer alloy is controlled and used.

BIO:1980 Graduated from Nagoya University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry

1980 Joined Toyota Central R & D Labs., Inc.

2008 Director

2016 Specially Appointed Professor, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University

2019 Retired Toyota Central R & D Labs.

Speciality:Development of polymer for automobiles 


Title:The latest trends in 3D printers and the current status and trends in resin materials      

Presenter:Shuichi Yamagichi     3D Printer Research Institute Co., Ltd.,

Abustract:Different from Japan, Europe, the United States and China have seen significant growth in related businesses with the evolution of 3D printing technology. In this lecture, the latest trends in each one of seven printing methods of 3D printers as well as the current status and future trends in resin materials will be explained.  

BIO:1983.  Completed the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology 

1983.  Joined Epson Corporation (currently Seiko Epson Corporation) 

1994,  After leading the development of the world’s first photographic image quality color inkjet printer, launched an in-house venture.

1997.  Established Microjet, became president & CEO. 

2013. Completed the Doctoral program in Mechanical Engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering at Osaka University, became Doctor of Engineering 

2014.  Established 3D Printer Research Institute Co., Ltd., became president & CEO

Engaged in industrial application research of inkjet technology and new business development in the field of 3D printers.

Speciality:Inkjet technology (elemental technology of such as head and ink, research and development in industrial application fields)

Analysis of technology and market in the field of 3D printing  

15:10~15:20  ~ Break~


Title:Advanced Material Recycling Technology for Waste Plastics  

                                  Presenter:Shigeru Yao   Fukuoka University

Abustract:Recently, the load of plastics on the environment has become a big problem. Mechanical recycling is drawing attention as a means for solving this problem, however it has been considered that there is no effective means for solving the deterioration of physical properties. In this paper, we introduce the advanced material recycling process that enables us to improve the physical properties by utilizing the self-resilience ability of polymers that we recently found.

BIO:1988.1  Dr. degree (PhD): Graduate School of Kyoto University                  

1986.4-2007.3    Ube Industries co. ltd.                                        

2007.4-2011.3    Mitsubishi Research Institute                                 

2011.4-          Department of Chemical Engineering, Fukuoka University       


Specialty:Polymer physics, Functional materials   


Title:Nanostructured optical functional devices by injection molding process

Dr.Kazuma Kurihara  AIST

Abustract:We have developed an surface functional devices such as anti-reflection optical lens, wettability control substrate and bio-fluidic chip using a mold with nanostructure and injection molding process. In the presentation, we will present the technology point for nano-molding process and it’s application possibility.


2004/3 Department of physics, faculty of science, Tokai university Ph.D  (Doctor of science)

Research topics:Development of near-field optical storage for parallel storage system 

2004/4 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Research topics:Development of optical data storage by super-lens disc

Development of optical lens derives by sub-wavelength structure

Development of novel MEMS process by injection molding process

2011/10 Senior researcher

2016/10 Electronics / Manufacturing area research 

                      (Strategy department planning chief)

   2018/4 Manufacturing technology research division Surface functional device group (Senior Researcher)

   2020/1 Manufacturing Technology Research Division Surface functional device group (Group Researcher)

Specialty:Microfabrication, precision molding, nano-photonics

17:20~17:30  Closing remarks

                                     Dr.Hiroshi Itoh      President of SPE Japan Section

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