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April 03 2020
Directer Meeting      
May 25 2020
  69th TPE technology instute postpone  
May 12 2020
reunion meeting 53th nano structured polymer postpone    
June 29 2020
      18th Micro Nano molding Instute postpone
July 17.2020
    70th TPE technology instute postponepostpone  
  Aug. 20. 202020020   1st nano webinar
Setp. 07 2020
  7th MicroNano molding Open seminar
Setp. 23 2020
  2nd nano webinar
  Setp. 25 2020   69th TPE technology instute
Octt.03-04 2019
  18th Exchange Meeting of Research Association
Oct. 24 2019
  14th TPE Open Seminar
Nov., 2019

67th TPE technology instute

Dec.07., 20197
      17th Micro Nano molding Instute
  Dec.11. 2019   54th nano structured polymer    
Jan.14 ,2020
    68th TPE technology instute  
Feb.06 .2020
  13th Nano/SPE Joint Seminar    
March .2020
    69th TPE technology instute  
Dec.., 20207
      18th Micro Nano molding Instute
    The Next Year Plan Committee     17th Micro Nano molding In 17th 17th Mic17th Micro Nano molding Instute ro Nano molding Instute Nano molding Instutestute
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