20191003-4The 18th Nanostructured Polymer Exchange Meeting

The 18th Nanostructured Polymer Exchange Meeting

The Nanostructured Polymer Research Group holds a two-day training camp every year. In this fiscal year, we will hold tour and lecture at the Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center as an exchange meeting of the Nanostructure Polymer Research Group. The Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center was established as part of the 80th anniversary project, and centered on environmental management(three functions : 1 [create] new environmental business, 2 [continue] reuse / recycle center, 3 [attractive] environmental communication). In this time, we will give an overview of the center and visit the open laboratory in the Ricoh Environment Business Development Center. We hope that this tour will help your research and development. Also, there is a keynote lecture on 3D printers from Mr. Taizoh Sakaki of Ricoh, and I expect it to be extremely useful for members engaged in plastic materials and molding processing. With the participation of many people, we expect the further activation of the Nanostructured Polymer Research Group.

Date : October 3-4, 2018(Thu-Fri) one night two days

Tour& Conference (10/3) : Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center
〒412-0038 Komakado1-10, Gotenba, Shizuoka
②Hotel & Keynote Lacture (10/4): Gotenba Kougen Tokinosumika
〒412-0033 Kamiyama 719, Gotenba, Shizuoka
Phone number 0550-87-3700

Entry Fee
Nano member:\20,000/ None member \30,000/
including Hotel fee, (Dinner & breakfast)
limited to 20 members (timeout by September20, 2019)

13:10 Receptionist : Confirm the affiliation and names of the participants at the guard
post and gather in the 1F lobby
13:30 Opening Remarks : Dr. Toshio Nishi
(NPO Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer, President)
13:40 Introduction : Outline of Ricoh Environmental Business Development Center
15:00 Lab. Tour (Open Labs, Analyzers, Exhibition Spaces)
17:30 After the tour, go to the hotel (Gotenba Kougen Tokinosumika) by shuttle bus
19:00 Dinner (Gotemba Kogen beer buffet restaurant) Self-introduction / free discussion

8:00 After breakfast, check out and memorial photo
10:00 Tokinosumika (HOTELBRUSHUP Second meeting roomA)
Keynote Lecture:Utilizing 3Dprinters for manufacturing and its future possibilities
     Mr. Taizoh Sakaki (Ricoh Co., Ltd.)
Abstract:I will explain the principles and features of 3D printers and introduce practical examples of manufacturing in Ricoh.Finally, I will mention the possibilities of how to change manufacturing.
11:20 Closing remarks : Dr. Yoshihisa Kano (Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)
11:30 Local dissolution
Information : shuttle bus to JR Mishima Station
(You can check the departure time at the following site)

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