20190201 12th NANO/SPE joint seminar

12th NANO/SPE joint seminar

We hold the 12th NANO / SPE joint lecture meeting by Nanostructured Polymer Research Association and SPE Japan Section with the following contents. The joint lecture consists of materials development fields to control the structure at the nano level and to improve the characteristics and grasp the latest trends in both fields in the field of aiming at new functions and productivity improvement by polymer molding processing , The aim is to promote mutual collaboration and technological integration. In this issue, we focused on the chemical industry and polymer (SDGs, bio economy, material recycling, bioplastic, etc. are keywords) contributing to the future vision, and planned topics on national measures and recent technical development trends. Researchers related to the material design field and polymer fabrication process field will participate and I hope that it will be a good opportunity to deepen further mutual exchange and exchange with researchers in the future.

Date: February 1, 2019 (Fri) 12: 50 ~ 19: 00

Place: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. Headquarters 20 th Floor   Conference Room 3

TEL03-5462-4111    〒140-0002   5 Shinagawa-ku Higashi Shinagawa 2 - chome 5 Tokyo No. 8 Tennozu Park Side Building



12:5013:00 Greeting       Phd. Toshio Nishi         President of Research Association of Nano Structured Polymer

13:0014:10 Promotion of GSC contributing to SDGs and role of JACI

Masaki Kataoka               The Japan Association for Chemical Innovation (JACI), a public interest incorporated association

14:1015:20  Development and application of microbial biodegradable polymer "Kaneka biodegradable polymer PHBH"

Ryuji Fukuda Kaneka corporation

15:2015:40 breaking

15:4016:50  Current status of microplastic contamination in inland bay · inland water and latest research case

Shuhei Tanaka  Kyoto University

16:5017:00 Greeting  Phd. Hiroshi Itho   President of SPE Japan section

17:2019:00 Social party  ¥5,000/person participation fee

Participation Fee

Member of Research Associations Nano Structured Polymer: no charge

Member of SPE Japan Section:no charge

Not a member : ¥10,000/person  (Individual members' Substitute attendance is not allowed)

Application method: name, company,Department,Tel, Mail, Social party participation, invoice if need,.

Please contact by the following mail:

Member of Research Associations Nano Structured Polymer: Joji Shigeno     joji@fc4.so-net.ne.jp 

Member of SPE Japan Section: Manabu Ogiwara  of Nihonzeon Co.,Ltd.   M.ogiwara@zeon.co.jp TEL044-276-3729 

Not a member :Please contact one of the above contacts.



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