20181214 The 52th nano structured polymer Institute.

The 52th nano structured polymer Institute.

In this lecture, we focused on materials-informatics, which has received attention in recent years. Materials informatics is a data science method applied to material development that analyzes a large amount of complicated data and derives necessary information. Due to the development of AI technology, it has received attention in recent years. Therefore, at this seminar, Mr. Asahara of Hitachi, Ltd., Ltd. will hold a lecture on what we can do with AI technology at the present while keeping in mind the material's informatics. Also, Mr. Ito of NIMS plans to introduce the technological trends of Materials and Informatics, focusing on NIMS's efforts.

We hope that many people will participate.

Date: december 14, 2018 (friday) 14:00-19:00

Place:Mikakutoh UHA TKP conference center 4B

Tel:03-5408-7797   http://www.kashikaigishitsu.net/facilitys/cc-uha-hamamatsucho/access/

105-0013   Hamamatsucho 1-26-1, Minatoku, Tokyo

Content: Greeting Mr.Kano  vice president of RANSP.

14:10-15:30 Title: What are enabled by AI technologies? - toward application of Materials Informatics.

                     Akinori Asahara                        Senior Researcher, R&D Group, Hitachi Ltd. 

abstract:Advancements of AI and machine learning technologies are remarkable recently. However, what the technologies realize is unclear, so they look almighty sometimes contrary to fact.   In this presentation, what the technologies realize will be summarized clearly, and the applications for Materials Informatics will be presented.


  2002: Graduated from Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, Japan

  2004: Master's Degree, Physics Department, Hokkaido University, Japan

  2004- : Research and Development Group, Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

  Research topics: Intelligent Information technology and geospatial information systems

15:30-15:40 Coffee break

15:40-17:00 Title:Overview of Materials Informatics

                    Satoshi Itoh     NIMS

Abstract:I will explain a technological trend of materials informatics, which is one of data-driven science, and present several achievements of materials informatics project in Japan. Additionally, I will talk about data collection scheme and the next generation data platform.

BIO:After working R&D division of private company in Japan,

May,2011   RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, Coordinator

April,2016 Japan Science and Technology Agency, Program Manager

April,2017 National Institute for Materials Science, Director

      Materials Research by Information Integration Initiative (MI2I), Project Leader

My major is computational materials science.


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