20180914 6th MicroNano molding Open seminar

6th MicroNano molding  Open seminar

Currently, micro and nanoscale processing technologies are indispensable for ultra precision components that support environmental and energy components, electronic components and medical devices.

In this seminar, focusing on the function by the biomimetic structure, we focused on the application development using its design / structure processing technology and structural molding technology and covered the latest topics. We appreciate your participation so that we can participate.

Date: September 14(Friday), 2018    13:00-17:00

Place: Campus Innovation Center Tokyo International Conference Room 

108-0023    Shibaura3-3-6, Minato-Ku Tokyo  Tel/03-54440-9071


13:00-13:10  Greeting


Title:Functional and Ultra-fine Surface Design by Biomimetics and Informatics

Dr. Akihiro Miyauchi

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Abstract: Informatics is rapidly progressing and has a great influence on various activities of mankind.  It is known as a material informatics, that is, inductive computational science in the materials research field. On the other hand, organisms are in their present forms after undergoing enormous trial and error in the process of evolution, which can be said to be the inductive results. In this lecture, informatics and biomimetics are overlooked from the viewpoint of functionalization of material surface.


Dr. Akihiro Miyauchi is a nanotechnology researcher currently working as Professor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. He is an experienced researcher in semiconductor process and simulation, nanoimprint, and biomimetics. He studied a theoretical physics of condensed matter in bachelor course, plasma CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) process of amorphous silicon in Master course, and low-temperature silicon epitaxy in Doctor course. He was a visiting scientist at MIT in 1995 -1996. 

Dr. Miyauchi research and develop the high-speed IC for optical communication using selective CVD process, patterned media of hard disk, cell cultivation for regenerative medical and fuel cell using methanol by nanoimprint. Recently he researches on biomimetics for fluid control and anti-biofouling using informatics. He was a leader of four national projects on nanoimprint and biomimetics. Dr. Miyauchi was a Chief Researcher of Hitachi Ltd. for 10 years and leader of the nanoimprint and biomimetics group. 

 Dr. Miyauchi has extensive experience in a lot of scientific communities, such as a session chair of International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference, a member of International Conference on Nanoimprint, and related domestic groups in Applied Physics, the Society of Polymer Science and the Society of Nano Science and Technology. He has also been an expert advisor of Ministry of Education and NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).


TitleOptical design and special microfabrication technology

Kazumi Sawamura

Muzak Corporation


titleDustproof material and its optical element development

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Takuro Watanabe


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